Frankland, Benjamin
1819-1876; e.m. 1845

WM minister, from a family that originated in Craven, Yorkshire. He was born at St. Ives, Cornwall in May 1819, the eldest son of the Rev. Benjamin Frankland (d.1872; e.m. 1810). At the age of ten he went to Woodhouse Grove School, where for ten years he was later a tutor, broken only for a six-month mastership at Wesley College, Sheffield. He matriculated from Dublin University in 1837, subsequently being awarded a B.A. He was Editor of the Wesleyan Methodist Magazine from 1864 to his death, having previously been the Assistant Editor. Elected to the Legal Hundred in 1867, he died on 17 January 1876.

  • WM Magazine, 1876, pp.191-2, 937-8