Murray, Gordon, CB
1935-2002; e.m. 1993

Civil servant and Methodist minister, born in Aberdeen on 25 August 1935 and educated in Kirkaldy. He gained a PhD in Physics at Edinburgh University and lectured there before research in Canada 1960-1962 and then at Harwell Atomic Energy Establishment 1962-1965, combining his research there with lecturing at Manchester University from 1965 on. In 1970 he joined the Scottish Home and Health Department, initially in the Criminal Justice Division. In 1979 he became Head of Liaison Division in the office of the Secretary of State for Scotland in London; then Head of Finance Division at the Scottish Office, Edinburgh 1985-1986. From 1986 until his retirement in 1995 he was Director of Scottish Courts and was awarded a CB in 1994.

He was involved in church work all his adult life: in Kirkaldy Old Parish church; Deep River Community Church, Ontario; All Saints Methodist Church, Abingdon; Bramhall Methodist Church; Edinburgh Central Hall; Bracknell and Rosyth Methodist Churches. Becoming a local preacher in Edinburgh, he was ordained, and in retirement was minister in the Wareham area. Returning to the Edinburgh and Forth Circuit in 1999, he was District Training and Development Officer.

He died in hospital on 4 September 2002 and was described as 'modest and quiet', with 'a wry sense of humour and a gift for turning the parables of Jesus into contemporary stories that made one sit up and hear'.