Mellor, William F., MBE
1891-1977; e.m. 1918

After war service in the Royal Navy Medical Service and two years (1919-21) at Handsworth College, he was stationed as both probationer and superintendent in the Ijebu Remo circuit in Western Nigeria, where he remained until 1950. At times, while living in Sagamu, he was in charge of other circuits as well: Ibadan, Oyo and Badagry, where he spent the last years of his active ministry, 1950-57. By the time he left Sagamu, the Remo circuit was self-supporting with competent African leadership.

His medical background prompted him at an early stage to open a dispensary, and on furlough in 1923 he undertook a dentistry course. Later he started and oversaw several maternity centres. But his chief interest was in youth work and education. He started both the Boys' Brigade and Girls' Life Brigade in Sagamu, the Sagamu Girls' School and the associated Elementary Teachers' Training Centre, and the Remo Secondary School, the first co-educational secondary school in Nigeria, which was a joint venture with the local Anglicans and the Muslim Community. For nearly 25 years he was the Methodist representative on the Regional Board of Education. In 1936 he was made a chief of Ijebu Remo; in 1944 he was awarded the MBE and in 1966 he received the Royal African Society's medal for Dedicated Service to Africa.

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