Allin, Thomas
1784-1866; e.m. 1808

MNC minister who quickly became its leading apologist. He was born on 10 February 1784 at Broseley, Salop. Despite a limited formal education, he soon showed himself an outstanding preacher, especially in the defence of orthodoxy. With Samuel Hulme he laboured to raise the status of the MNC ministry. He was a resolute opponent of Joseph Barker and conducted the trial which led to his expulsion in 1841. He was Corresponding Member of the Annual Committee 1833-48 and Missionary Secretary 1849-60, and was elected President in 1822 and 1846.

He had a significant literary output, including 'Atheism Refuted (1833); 'Discourses on the Immateriality and Immortality of the Soul' (nd);'The Question of Questions: is Christ indeed the Saviour?' (1885); 'Sermons on Biblical and Theological Subjects' (1864); and with W. Cooke and S. Hulme wrote 'The Jubilee of the Methodist New Connexion'(1848)

He died on 7 November 1866.

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  • G.J. Stevenson, Methodist Worthies (1884-86) 4 pp.600-7

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