Kendrick, Marguerite Cathryn

née Dunn, born in Lye, Worcs and educated at Stourbridge High School and Derby Training College. An Infant School teacher, she qualified as a local preacher in 1951. Three of her hymns won in competitions run by the New Room, Bristol and one is in Singing the Faith (no. 207), but shorn of its closing verse. Encouraged by Fred Pratt Green, she published a book of poems My Song is for the Moon.


… but I know what I like

I like a poem to scan, 
To be built to a plan.
I like it to rhyme 
And to chime.
I like it to celebrate 
And not to be too cerebrate.
Or do I mean cerebral?
Anyway, this one is terebal.

From My Song is for the Moon

Closing verse missing from StF 207:

Jesus is the heart of Christmas, 
New year, Easter, Whitsun too. 
He's the God for every season. 
Ever-loving, ever true. 
Jesus is the heart of Christmas 
Lord of Lords the whole year through.