Turton, George

Methodist surgeon in Sheffield, born on 28 August 1791 and baptized at Netherfield Calvinist chapel, Penistone. Later his father took charge of a small Baptist chapel at Masbrough Common, Rotherham.

In 1801 he went to Sheffield to work for a pawnbroker, then for a cabinet maker and from 1809 until he was twenty-one he was apprenticed to a cutler. At this period he worshipped with the Baptists, but with changing views became a Wesleyan about 1812/13. In 1813 he began training as a druggist, prior to becoming like his father a member of the medical profession. He qualified as a midwife in 1814 and in due course became a surgeon.

In 1816, on becoming unhappy with the Wesleyans, he joined an independent Methodist society in the town and along with his brother John became a Local Preacher. This independent society united with the Wesleyan Protestant Methodists in 1829, but a further division over having a paid ministry led to a group opening Surrey Street chapel in 1831, which passed to the Wesleyan Methodist Association. George Turton became one of its leading members and served on the Connexional Commitee for fourteen years. He died on 2 September 1851.

  • Wesleyan Methodist Magazine (1852) pp340-349.


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