Spence, George Alfred

Trade unionist, politician and Primitive Methodist local preacher, he was born one of eighteen children in the mining village of Portland Row. As an official of the Nottinghamshire Miners Association, in 1926 at the height of the General Strike he negotiated a deal with the Nottinghamshire mine owners. bringing him into conflict with the Miners Federation of Great Britain. As a result, he led the breakaway Nottinghamshire & District Miners Industrial Union, mainly centred on the Dukeries, until 1937 when it merged with the Association, with Spence as President until 1945. In 1918 he had been elected as the Labour member for Broxtowe retaining the seat until 1929. For his actions in forming a rival trade union he was expelled from the Labour Party in 1926 and for then onwards sat as a Liberal. He also served on Nottinghamshire County Council as a councillor for Stapleford.

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