Bowron House, Pimlico

Following the WM example, two brothers, J.A. and S. Bowron financed a UMFC Deaconess Institute in memory of their father, William Bowron of London. A house was taken in Lupus Street, Pimlico in 1891, with Thomas B. Saul as tutor and Thomas J. Cope as secretary (both in addition to their circuit duties). The deaconesses were familiarly known as 'Bowron House Sisters' and did similar work to that of their WM counterparts, but with more emphasis on evangelistic and mission work. In 1903 the Order moved to larger premises at 25 Bolingbroke Road, Wandsworth Common. It became part of the UMC in 1907 and united with the WM Deaconess Order in 1932. Bowron House closed in 1935, when the work was relocated to the ex-WM Deaconess College atIlkley.

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