Bradshaw, David B.
? -1944

The son of the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist and WM minister, James Bradshaw (e.m. 1863; d. 1926), he was educated at Wesley College, Dublin and Portora School,Enniskillen. He made a career in the Provincial Bank of Ireland, rising to become its Chief Officer. He retired to Dublin in 1937. His contributions to the Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society were highly valued, and he was one of the founders of the Irish branch in 1926. His collection of Methodist books and memorabilia are an important part of the branch's archive in Belfast. He was the anonymous compiler of a commemorative book which marked the centenary of the Methodist Centenary Church in Dublin in 1943, and died early in the following year.

  • WHS Proceedings, 24 (1943-44) pp.83-84

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