Select Hymns: with Tunes Annext
1761, 1765

This volume contains a selection of 132 hymn texts drawn from a range of earlier Methodist publications and 102 cross-referenced tunes. This was the second collection of hymn tunes published under John Wesley’s approval. The selection of tunes expands on the categories found in the earlier Foundery Collection Foundery Collection (1742), including older metrical psalm tunes, Germanic melodies, and adaptations of secular songs and instrumental music. As with the earlier volume, the tunes are printed in melody-only format. The second edition (1765) placed the tunes under the title Sacred Melody and also included John Wesley’s ‘Directions for Singing’, a set of seven brief statements advising his followers on musical conduct in worship.

  • S.T. Kimbrough Jr and Carlton R. Young (eds) Select Hymns: with Tunes Annext: Designed chiefly for the Use of the People Called Methodists: With Introduction and Critical Notes (2015)

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