Carr, Ann

She joined the WMs at 18 and with her friend Sarah Eland led revivals. In 1818 she began preaching for the PMs in Hull and with Sarah Eland and Martha Williams was sent to Leeds, probably as revivalists. But unwilling to accept circuit discipline they seceded and started the Female Revivalist Society. 'Ann Carr's Chapel' in Leyland, opened in 1825, was noted for its social work. On her death she bequeathed the property to Martha Williams on condition she continued the work.

  • Martha Williams, Memoirs of Ann Carr (1841)
  • D. Colin Dews 'Ann Carr and the Female Revivalists of Leeds', in From Mow Cop to Peake, 1807-1932 (Leeds, 1982), pp.15-31


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