Castleman, John

Bristol surgeon, born 'near Tetbury' and educated at a school near Oxford. He was apprenticed to James Ford, surgeon at the newly established Bristol Royal Infirmary in 1737. After further training in London and Paris, in 1754 he too became a surgeon there. He was described as 'plain in his dress, simple in his manners and quiet in his deportment'. He seems to have been of a nervous disposition, had a chequered medical career and resigned his hospital post in 1779. For many years he was associated with the society at the New Room. His wife Letitia had been a pupil of Mary (or Molly) Maddern, who had associations with both Kingswood School and the New Room. From 1767 they lived at 6 Dighton Street, where John Wesley was a regular visitor and where on 1 September 1784 he performed his 'ordinations' for America. Castleman died on 31 March 1801 and was buried in St. Paul's churchyard.

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