Childe, Donald Braithwaite
1901-93; e.m. 1929

WM missionary in China, born at Drighlington, near Bradford, on 2 November 1901. He trained at Handsworth College and was designated to South China in 1930. He served as District Chairman and was interred by the Japanese, 1942-45. He went back to China in 1947, then returned to England to serve as MMS Secretary for China and Burma, 1949-65, and also for India and Ceylon from 1959. With China closed to missionaries, he initiated new work among the Chinese of South East Asia. He died on 1 July 1993.

  • Methodist Recorder, 5 Aug. 1993
  • G.R. Senior, Donald Braithwaite Childe (Peterborough, 1995)


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