Connexional Team

The Connexional Team was created in the connexional restructuring of the early 1990s, having the responsibility (in place of the previous Divisions) to work collaboratively in assisting the Church to further its purposes, through providing a coherent and effective service to support the work of the connexion at all levels. It was led initially by four Co-ordinating Secretaries. In 2003, the office of the General Secretary of the Methodist Church was created, under whose direction the Co-ordinating Secretaries (then six) were to work. From 2007, the latter were replaced by (then three) Connexional Team Secretaries. That office is known from 2011 as Connexional Secretary, of whom there must be at least one – currently, there is only one such office-holder. Under the direction of the Secretary of the Conference (until 2015, the General Secretary), any such Connexional Secretaries have collective responsibility, together with the Assistant Secretary of the Conference and other senior members of the Team, for the work of the Connexional Team, and, with the wider senior leadership of the Church, they support the Secretary in leading the development of the Church's overall vision.

  • Standing orders, Section 30

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