Cooke, Dr William
1806-1885; e.m. 1826

MNC minister and theologian, born in Burslem on 2 July 1806. Largely self-taught, he established his reputation by the effective re-organization of the MNC Irish Mission, 1836-41, and in 1845 by his defence of orthodoxy in a ten-day debate with Joseph Barker in Newcastle upon Tyne. He wrote over 60 theological works, notably his Christian Theology Explained and Defended (1846), which went into five editions. From 1849 he lived in London, where selected ministerial students lodged with him for theological training. One of these was William Booth, who later reproduced some of his methods in his own training scheme for Salvation Army officers. He wasEditor and Book Steward 1849-1870 and President of theConference in 1843, 1859 and 1869. He died in London in 1885.

  • G.J. Stevenson, Methodist Worthies (1884-1886), 4 pp.608-15
  • S. Hulme, Memoir of the Rev. William Cooke (1886)


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