Crookshank, Charles Henry
1836-1915; e.m. 1859

Irish Methodist minister and historian, born at Cayuga, Upper Canada on 29 January 1836. He came to Ireland as a boy. He was treasurer of the Supernumerary Fund for more than 20 years and edited the Irish Christian Advocate 1888-1893. He wrote Memorable Women of Irish Methodism in the Last Century (1882) and his three-volume History of Methodism in Ireland (1885-1888) tells the story of the Church up to 1859. He was Vice-President of the Irish Conference in 1899, an office later held also by his son, C. Henry Crookshank (1876-1955; e.m. 1899). He died on 28 May 1915.

  • WHS Proceedings 10 p.69


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