Adams, Henry

Vice-President of the PM Conference in 1888, born in a miner's cottage at Hollinshead, near Sheffield. Moving to Sheffield in the course of a commercial career, he was associated first with Bethel and then with John Street chapels. He served on the Sheffield School Board and as a Poor Law Guardian. On his death it was claimed that nobody had done more for the erection of PM chapels in the North.

His nephew John Adams (born 24 February 1857) came from Wombwell, near Barnsley, and was brought up a Congregationalist. Moving to Sheffield in 1878 he joined the John Street PM society. Employed by the Refuge Assurance Company, promotion took him to Lincoln and Nottingham. The John Adams Memorial chapel (PM) at Wombwell, now closed, was built in 1902.

  • Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1907, pp.730-31, 864

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