Dimond, Dr Sydney George
1882-1968; e.m. 1904

The son of UMFC minister Richard Dimond (1845-1925; e.m. 1873), he was born on 3 August 1882 in Birkenhead. He trained for the ministry at Victoria Park College, was appointed to some of the Connexion's leading circuits and was Chairman of the Bolton and Rochdale District 1932-35. He wrote books on psychology, including The Psychology of the Methodist Revival (1926) and at the Methodist Church Congress in 1929 spoke on 'The Psychology of Evangelical Experience'. He was Resident Tutor and lecturer in Church History at Richmond College, 1935-1941 (and also in retirement after the War) and Secretary of the Ministerial Training Committee, 1943-1948. He died on 1 July 1968.

  • Methodist Recorder, 18 July 1968