Dinnick brothers

Five brothers, the sons of Thomas and Mary Dinnick of Stoke Damerel, Plymouth, entered the PM ministry; notably William Dinnick. All five of the brothers were stationed in the Brighton Circuit at one time or another.

John Dunn Dinnick (1839-1900; e.m. 1860) was born on 29 March 1839, superannuated in Brighton in 1883 and died in Toronto on 24 January 1900.

William Dinnick (1840-1901; e.m. 1860) was born on 26 May 1840. He combined considerable organizing and administrative ability with great energy and physical strength. During his ministry in Ramsgate (1868-1876) despite setbacks, he also missioned Margate. In 1876 he began a 25-year ministry in Brighton, during which he raised funds for and built eight chapels, and also re-established PM in mid-Sussex, around Horsham and Haywards Heath. During his 25th year at Brighton he was taken ill during a service on 20 January 1901 and died the next day.

Timothy Dinnick (1842-1910; e.m. 1865) was born on 6 February 1842, superannuated in Salisbury in 1900 and died on 18 January 1910.

Benjamin Dinnick (1843-1912; e.m. 1865), superannuated in 1889 and died at Bearwood, Smethwick in January/March 1912.

Joseph Dinnick (1844-1923; e.m. 1870) was sent in 1877 to launch a PM Mission in Horsham. He superannuated at Harringay in 1910 and died on 2 February 1923.

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