Doidge family

UM and Methodist ministers with particular interest in work among children and young people.

Reginald James Doidge (1902-1990; e.m. 1925) was born inPlymouth on 28 April 1902, into a BC family. He was trained at Victoria Park College 1922-1925 and came under the influence of A.S. Peake. He began his ministry as President's Assistant in Bristol, but thereafter was stationed mainly in northern circuits. He served on the Connexional Children's Committee and for some years was responsible, with his wife Eveline, for Sunday School Lesson Notes and material for youth workers. He also wrote Epilogues for Youth Clubs (4 editions between 1943 and 1963), Women at Worship (1964) and Teenagers at Worship (1965). He died at Dartmouth on 20 September 1990.

His brother Wilfrid John Doidge (1905-1996; e.m. 1927), born at Plymouth on 15 February 1905, after training at Victoria Park College was stationed in the Manchester Fourth Circuit, but spent most of the rest of his ministry in the London area. He and his wife, Florence Burgon, also had a particular interest and involvement in Sunday School and youth work. His gifts were recognized when he was appointed secretary of the Methodist Youth Department 1943-1951. He was responsible for the Senior Lesson Notes for over 30 years and served on the British Lessons Council for 34 years, 12 of them as its President. He was also President of the National Christian Education Council, but declined the secretaryship of the World Council for Christian Education in order to return to pastoral work in circuit. In addition to his writings on work with young people he wrote introductions to reading the Bible. He died at Leicester on 21 December 1996.

Two of their sisters served overseas as missionaries. Dorothy M. Doidge (1899-1975) served in China (Wenchow, 1924-1943 and Hupeh, 1946-1947) and was married to Dr. W.J. Pinoff in 1943. She died on 21 July 1975. Phyllis Doidge (1913-2002) served in North China and married Alan T. Dale in 1934. She died on 30 July 2002.

  • Methodist Recorder, 25 October 1990