Explanatory Notes upon the New Testament

John Wesley began compiling these Notes on 6 January 1754, at a time when he was not well enough to preach or ride, and finished them in September 1755. They were published the same year and were reprinted four times in his lifetime. Intended for use by the Methodist preachers, they have since gone through many editions, partly because of their place in the Model Deed as part of the doctrinal standards of Methodism. In his Preface Wesley acknowledges his debt to Bengel's Gnomon (1742), to Dr John Heylyn's Theological Lectures (1749), to Dr John Guyse and to Doddridge's Family Expositor. He was also indebted to Dr Robert Gell. In 1765 he also published similar Notes on the OT and at the end of his life produced a new translation of the NT with 'an analysis of the several books and chapters'.

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