Farley, Fred Arthur
1893-1951; e.m. 1919

UM and Methodist minister, born in Islington, London. His experience in the India Office and Army service in India stood him in good stead in the ministry. As a married probationer, he was sent into circuit without college training, but proved an exceptional student, especially of Hebrew and Greek. He later gained a London BD and a Leeds MA. At the Methodist Church Congress in 1931 he spoke on 'The Beginning of our Faith'. As Local Preachers Secretary from 1937 to 1946 he travelled widely throughout the Connexion and wrote a number of handbooks, notably The Faith (1938) and Preparing to Preach (1939). In 1946 he became Chairman of the Oxford and Gloucester District and District Missionary. He was Secretary of the Commission on Rural Methodism.He retired in 1950 and died on 5 November 1951 at Austwick, near Settle, Yorks.

  • Methodist Recorder, 8 November 1951

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