Joyful News

A newspaper with this title was begun by Thomas Champness in 1883 to encourage revivalism: 'a Sunday paper for Smockfrock and Co.' The profits were used to train evangelists for the 'Joyful News Mission', especially for the villages. Mrs Champness did the editorial work and on his retirement it was taken over by Samuel Chadwick and William H. Heap, his successors at Cliff College. Originally full of reports from missions all over the country, by 1910 it had become more theological. It changed its title to Advance in 1962 and ceased separate publication at the end of 1963, becoming a monthly feature in the Methodist Recorder..


Hints for those who write for this paper

1. Be Interesting. 2. Never Use Two Words when One will do. 3. Do not Exaggerate. 4. Write on One Side of the Paper Only. 5. If You are not an Educated Person do not Worry About Grammar or Spelling; we will Make it all Right. 6. Sign your Nameā€¦

What we want: News of recent Revivals; Stories of Remarkable Conversions; Answers to Prayer; Illustrations of Providence.

What we do not want: Politics; Controversy; Connexional Finance.

First edition of Joyful News, 22 February 1883

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