Heap, William Henry ('Harry')
1869-1953; e.m. 1891

WM evangelist, born on 18 February 1869 at Bradford. He was converted in Eastbrook chapel, trained for the ministry at Headingley College and came under the influence of Samuel Chadwick at the Leeds Mission. In turn, his ministry, in which he sought to recall Methodism to its original evangelistic mission, influenced men like Charles H. Hulbert and John A. Broadbelt. He served in a succession of central missions, beginning with Manchester and Salford, 1895-1901; then, after an interval in Douglas IOM on health grounds, the Queen Street Mission, Huddersfield, 1904-1910 ('the high water mark of my ministry'),Hull, 1910-1922 and Clapham, London, 1922-1924. He was then appointed Chairman of the East Anglia District in 1924 and in 1937 to Blackpool North, before retiring in 1939.

He was a frequent contributor to Joyful News and succeeded Chadwick as its editor. He was regularly involved in the Methodist School of Fellowship at Swanwick. His wife Gertrude (née Byrom) was the daughter of a well-known Lancashire Methodist, chairman of the Lancashire Federation of Cotton Spinners. Two of his daughters became Wesley Deaconesses He died at Shipley, Yorks, on 18 November 1953.

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