Martin, Sir George William, KBE

The principal director of Wilkinson & Warburton, Leeds wholesalers, he was born on 24 June 1884, the son of a WM minister, Edward Martin (1849-1916; e.m. 1873), who had married a daughter of Dr George Osborn. His brother was E. Osborn Martin MC (1877-1937; e.m. 1899). The family, active in Leeds Methodism from the eighteenth century, helped to form the Leeds District Missionary Society in 1813 and inter-married with the Chubb and Marshall families. Sir George was Conservative Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1946, President of the Chamber of Commerce 1948-52 and High Sheriff of Yorkshire 1954. He was made a Freeman of the city in 1966. He served on numerous local and national bodies, was the first Chairman of MHA and established the George Martin Charitable Trust. Esther Waterhouse (née Martin) was his niece. He died on 13 October 1976.

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