Abercrombie, Richard
1797-1881; e.m. 1836

WMA and UMFC minister, born on 24 January 1797 at Norwich. At 14 he enlisted in the 7th Fusiliers, narrowly missing Waterloo, being encamped outside Paris in 1815. He was converted in 1816. He served as a soldier for 26 years, including ten years in Gibraltar, and rose to be Quartermaster Sergeant. While stationed in Dublin his duties included protecting Lorenzo Dow. Expelled from WM in 1834 because of his Reform sympathies, he joined the WMA and entered its ministry, superannuating in 1871. He died in London on 2 July 1881.

His son Ralph Abercrombie MA (1837-1914; e.m. 1861) was UMFC Connexional Editor 1883-1891 and President of the Conference in 1889. Another son Richard Elijah Abercrombie (1839-1897; e.m. 1862) went out to Kingston, Jamaica as General Superintendent in 1896, but died there on 30 August 1897.


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