This on-line version of the Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland is an expanded version of the printed volume published by the Epworth Press in 2000 and has been produced by permission of the copyright holders, the Methodist Publishing House.

Differences between the two versions include:

  • Errors noted in the printed version have been corrected.
  • Some entries have been augmented or rewritten and many of the abbreviations, especially of personal names, have been expanded.
  • The total number of entries has been substantially increased, from over 1,600 to more than 3,500. In particular, we have tried to address the under-representation in the printed Dictionary of such categories as lay Methodists, women and members of branches of Methodism other than the Wesleyans. There is also scope for many additional entries under place-names.
  • Sources of further information have been transferred from a general bibliography to the entry or entries to which they relate, and many new bibliographical references have been added. In the case of itinerant preachers and ministers, the existence of an obituary in the Minutes of Conference etc. is tacitly assumed.
  • Cross-references to other entries in the Dictionary are provided by hyperlinks identified in the text by underlining and also listed in the right-hand margin.
  • Lists of occupations have been provided.
  • Provision is made for you to notify the editor of any errors you find, to offer additional information either to the text or to the sources, or to suggest entries that might be added. N.b. In any of these cases, information on your source(s) is essential if we are to follow up your communication, together with an email address at which you may be contacted.

Many entries include portraits, other illustrations and relevant quotations, and more are planned to be added as part of the continuing updating of the Dictionary.

Guidance on how to use the Dictionary can be found on the Help page. Please use the Feedback page to make suggestions for corrections or new entries to this dictionary.

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