Welcome to the online version of the Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland, first published in book form in 2000. It is hosted on the Wesley Historical Society's website, with links to and from other major Methodist websites.

The Dictionary will continue to be expanded. Plans for the near future include the addition of portraits and other illustrations. We are particularly keen to add more local histories. Villages can only be considered if they have some particular Methodist significance; e.g. Epworth as the birthplace of the Wesleys, or Bemersley and Shebbear for their association with the early Primitive Methodist and Bible Christian movements. But many towns remain to be covered and we would be glad to hear from anyone able to offer such entries. The Dictionary's feedback facility may be used for this purpose.

The original version of the Dictionary has now been remaindered and is no longer available from the Methodist Publishing House...

John A. Vickers, 17 December 2008