Frost, Dr Robert William ('Rob')
1950-2007; e.m. 1974

Born on 27 April 1950 at Halifax, the son of Ronald W. Frost, OBE (19 October 1920-18 December 2014; e.m. 1945), with whom he shared a passion for evangelism. He gave up a career in television to train for the ministry at Cliff College and Hartley Victoria College. As a student he played a leading role in missions in Newquay, Manchester and villages around York. He led 'Share Jesus Missions' in both Britain and America. In 1986 he was enabled by Donald English, then general secretary of the Home Mission Division, to devote himself to initiating a succession of evangelistic enterprises under the 'Share Jesus' banner (which became interdenominational and international). These included missions, evangelistic tours and Easter People. The Seed Team programme, inaugurated in 1989, enabled young people to live in community for a year and to devote part of their time to evangelism. He was also involved in broadcasting, journalism and the Raynes Park café church, and published over twenty books. His latest thinking on evangelism was published in the April 2007 issue of the Epworth Review. He was president of Release International, working to help persecuted Christians around the world. He died of cancer on 11 November 2007 and was succeeded as director of the new venture, Pentecost Festival, launched in 2008, by his son Andy.

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