Fullerton, Alexander
1839-1922; e.m. 1860

Irish Methodist preacher, who took a leading part in the great 1859 Irish Revival. His autobiography was entitled Fifty Years an Itinerant Preacher (1912). Five gifted sons survived childhood. Alexander Moffit Fullerton OBE, KStJohn (1865-1947), was a civil servant in Dublin and Secretary of the MCI Twentieth Century Fund. William Moore Fullerton (1870-1954), Chairman and Director of the Ulster Bank, 1931-42 and Governor of Methodist College, Belfast where Fullerton House was named after him. Thomas William Archer Fullerton (1867-1907), surgeon in the Indian Medical Service, was awarded the Kaiser-I-Hind medal for his role in the eradication of plague. Andrew Fullerton (1868-1934), the first Belfast surgeon to become president of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, became an Anglican. Moore Beattie Fullerton (1872- ) was a manager in Westminster Bank.