Gallagher, Robert Henry
1881-1965; e.m. 1908

Irish Methodist minister and historian, born on 28 May 1881 at Syloran, near Moy, Co. Tyrone. He exercised most of his ministry in the north of Ireland. An able administrator, he served as secretary and, from 1941, Chairman of the District and as secretary of the Orphan Fund 1931-1946. His influence encouraged a number of people to enter the ordained ministry. He published several historical works, including a study of Dr Adam Clarke (1963), Pioneer Preachers of Irish Methodism (1965) and an autobiography My Web of Time (1959). He helped to organize the Church's records and was President of the Irish Branch of the Wesley Historical Society. He was elected President of the Irish Methodist Church in 1946. He was the father of R.D.E. Gallagher and uncle of Ernest W. Gallagher. He died in Belfast on on 22 January 1965.

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