Gammon, John
1815-1898; e.m. 1837

BC minister, born at Folkestone on 22 July 1815. His parents attended the parish church at Swingfield.

In 1832 he went twice to hear the BC itinerant Mary Ann Taylor preach and on the second occasion, attending the Love feast that followed, he found peace with God. Immediately joining the BCs he entered into their services, prayer meetings, and visiting the sick with great enthusiasm. Soon he was induced to become a preacher, and in July 1837 was invited to fill a vacancy in the Tenterden Mission. Received as a probationer at the following Conference, he began his official ministry at Tenterden in August 1837. Many of his appointments were in the south east, but for twelve years, 1873-1885, he was Governor of Shebbear College. He was Treasurer of the BC Preachers' Annuitant society and President of the Conference in 1859 and 1876. It was said of him that 'the fine promise of his youth and the actual attainments of riper years were more than fulfilled in later words and deeds. He brought forth his ripest fruit in old age.' He died on 2 July 1898.

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