Garner brothers

John Garner (1800-1856; e.m. 1819), PM minister, was born at Kegworth 13 February 1800. Described as 'a comely person, a cheerful temper, agreeable manners, a fine voice , ardent zeal, and a vigorous constitution', he began his ministry in the Loughborough Circuit, where he encountered fierce persecution. He was the first Secretary of the General Committee (1843-1848) and one of the preachers named in the original Deed Poll. He was six times President of the Conference (1843, 1847, 1850, 1851, 1852 and 1854). He died on 12 February 1856.

His brother William Garner (1802-1881; e.m. 1822) born on 8 April 1802, served as Secretary of the General Missionary Committee 1846-1854 and as joint Book Steward with Thomas Holliday 1846-47. He was twice President of the PM Conference (1859 and 1861) . Among his several books were biographies of William Clowes (1868) and of his brother John (1856). He died on 27 January 1881. Another brother, James Garner (1809-1895; e.m. 1830), born at East Leake on 10 February 1809, served as Secretary of the General Missionary Committee 1864-1869. He wrote several books on biblical history and theology. He died on 26 December 1895.

A nephew, William Garner (1846-1913), was an early worker for Wm *Booth's Christian Mission and later served as a Congregational pastor at Thorne. On removing to Hessle he became a PM Local Preacher.

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