George, Alfred Raymond
1912-1998 ; e.m. 1936

Outstanding liturgical scholar and ecumenist, born in Gloucester on 26 November 1912. He received first class degrees at both Oxford (Balliol, 1931-1935) and Cambridge (Fitzwilliam House and Wesley House, 1935-1937), and then spent one year at Marburg University before becoming Assistant Tutor at Handsworth College, 1938-1940. After four years in a Manchester circuit, he taught at Headingley (1946-1967; Principal, 1961-1967), Richmond (Principal, 1968-1972) and Wesley College, Bristol (1972-1981), earning a reputation as a great encourager of students. The reputation he earned by his Fernley-Hartley Lecture Communion with God in the NT (1953) was consolidated by many scholarly articles. He served on key ecumenical liturgical bodies and had a major influence on the 1975 Methodist Service Book. He represented the World Council of Churches as an observer at the Roman Consilium for the revision of the Catholic liturgy after Vatican II. He served on the World Methodist Council Executive 1956-1981, on the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Committee 1961-1975, on the International RC-Methodist Committee 1971-1986, and as co-chair of the British RC-Methodist Committee 1971-1993. He was President of the 1975 Conference and Moderator of the FCFC, 1979-80. In retirement he served as Warden of the New Room, Bristol. He died in Bristol on 22 June 1998.

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