Girls' League

The League was founded in 1908, enabling girls (who at that time were not expected to accompany their mothers to missionary meetings) to support the Jubilee Effort of the WM Women's Auxiliary. The committee that was set up in 1909 suggested a more permanent project supporting medical work in North India. An Annual Report and eventually a periodical The Lamp were published. The PM and UMC established their own 'Girls' Branches' of the Women's Missionary Association' and 'Girls' Missionary Auxiliary' respectively. They united to become part of the Methodist Girls' League in 1932, with a membership of c. 9,000. This League strengthened the whole Church through its commitment to prayer, study and stewardship, with young women offering service both at home and overseas.

A Young Laymen's League (later known as the Young Men's League) was formed in 1925 with a similar purpose and was influential in prompting many to offer for missionary service. The two Leagues were integrated into the Youth Missionary Association in 1953.

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