Goodman, Charles Henry
1854-1939; e.m. 1889

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UMFC missionary to West Africa, 1889-1901. While he was stationed at Tikona, Sierra Leone, in May 1898 there was a native uprising against British influence in general, and particularly against the abolition of slavery and a hut tax. A number of white missionaries and also a number of native workers in the protectorate were killed. Goodman initially escaped, but was captured and was fortunate to be spared. After eight weeks in captivity he was freed by the British. The cable announcing this was sent to the Annual Assembly then meeting in Lincoln and in response to the announcement of his release the Doxology was sung. From 1901 to 1925 he was stationed in home circuits. He retired to Stockport, where he died on 22 May 1939.

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