Goudie, William
1857-1922; e.m. 1881

WM missionary in India, born at Channerwick, Shetland on 6 May 1857. He was trained at Richmond College and served in Madras (now Tamil Nadu) from 1882 to 1906, becoming fluent in Tamil. He was a champion of the outcastes, noted for his nursing of cholera victims. Catholic in his sympathies, he fostered understanding between the denominational missions in India and became recognized as a missionary statesman and advocate. Back in Britain, he helped to prepare for and attended the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh (1910) and was secretary of the committee that organized the Centenary celebration of the WMMS in 1913. One of his memorable sayings was: 'I cannot find room for myself at the foot of the Cross until I have found room there for the whole round world.' He was designated President of the 1922 Conference, but died at Muswell Hill on 9 April that year, following surgery. A commemorative postal cover was issued in Shetland in 2002 to mark the 80th anniversary of his death.

  • Methodist Recorder,13 April 1922; 9 May 2002