Greenwood, Paul

Early itinerant, born at Stanbury, near Keighley. He was converted at Ponden, near Haworth in 1740 by reading a religious tract (thought to have been a sermon on Gal.3:24 by Robert Seagrave). This resulted in the conversion of the rest of his family. He may possibly have served in the army with John Haime. He began to itinerate in 1747 and was stationed in Dublin at the outset of Methodism's work in Ireland. As one of 'Mr Grimshaw's men' he preached throughout Rossendale, Lancs and Yorks and was also associated with John Bennet. On Whit-Sunday 1752 he faced the fury of a mob at Middleton in Teesdale. In 1758 he was one of those appointed as trustees of Grimshaw's chapel at Haworth. He was stationed in the Manchester Circuit in 1766, but died of a fever at Warrington. John Pawson described him as 'a truly apostolical man, and exceedingly loved by the people'.

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