Guttery, Thomas
1837-1895; e.m. 1857

PM minister, born at Brierley Hill. He served for eight years (1871-1879) in Toronto, Canada. He wrote a life of William Clowes and died in the active work at Newcastle upon Tyne.

His son Dr. Arthur Thomas Guttery (1862-1920; e.m. 1883), born in Birmingham on 15 June 1862, followed his father into the ministry. He became an outspoken supporter of the 'social gospel' and of the Liberal Party. Remembered as 'something of a demagogue', he was a leading member of the Passive Resistance Movement in opposition to the Education Act of 1902. He was President of the PMConference in 1916 and of the Free Church Federal Council in 1919, and General Missionary Secretary, 1908-1913. He received a doctorate from Middletown Wesleyan University. He died on 17 December 1920.

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