Guttridge, John
1819-1886; e.m. 1838

UMFC minister. Born in Birmingham on 22 November 1819 of WM parents, he was converted when 12 and became a WMA local preacher four years later. He entered the WMA ministry in 1838 and became one of the most popular preachers of his generation. Dinsdale Young described him as 'the Morley Punshon' of the UMFC. He was equally at home in the pulpit, the lecture hall (he was a keen temperance advocate) or the open air. He spent most of his ministry in Lancashire, where he helped to maintain support for the Union cause during the American Civil War. His Life among the Masses (1884) was an account of his ministry.. He held many connexional posts and was elected UMFC President in 1863. He died in Manchester on 22 March 1886.