Hallam, John
1840-1913; e.m. 1861

Born on 16 April 1840 at North Shields, he was the son of a PM minister, Christopher Hallam (1808-1873; e.m. 1833). His mother, Mary (née Hadfield; 1812-1868) was probably the first female preacher in Scotland. He served almost exclusively in northern circuits, and was President of the PM Conference in 1890. He retired in 1907 to London and died on 16 September 1913, following a stroke.

[An earlier John Hallam entered the PM ministry in 1823, was Assistant Editor in 1836 and in 1838 became Book Steward, then Mission Treasurer in 1844, but disappeared from the Stations two years later.]

  • PM Magazine, 1890, pp. 513-4

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