Hall, Robert

MNC layman, born on 25 February 1754 at Nottingham. He went into business as a bleacher and cotton spinner at Basford, Notts and discovered a greatly improved process for bleaching textiles. He joined the Wesleyan Methodists in 1771, occasionally entertained John Wesley and solicited his help in the building of Hockley Chapel, Nottingham. In 1797, like many other Nottingham Methodists, he joined the MNC, where his wealth gave him a leading position. He was Secretary of the MNC Conference in 1799 and 1800 and was the principal editor of the first Life of Kilham (1799). He died at Nottingham on 6 August 1827.

  • MNC Magazine, 1828 pp.1-7, 45-50
  • Oxford DNB

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