Hall's Circuits and Ministers

In 1873 Joseph Hall(1835-1902; e.m. 1862) published The Wesleyan Methodist Itinerancy. A second edition appeared in 1885 under the title Hall's Circuits and Ministers. The third edition appeared in 1897. Circuits were arranged alphabetically, with ministerial appointments to each listed in chronological order. Departmental appointments and other offices were also included. In 1912 T. Galland Hartley revised and enlarged Hall's work and in 1925 produced a supplementary volume, bringing it up to 1923.

'Hall's', as it came to be known, was updated in manuscript from 1924 until 1932 and after Union was enlarged to include the whole Connexion, down to 1980. Copies of this manuscript list are in the Methodist Archives Centre, Manchester and in the Wesley Historical Society Library.

  • WHS Proceedings17 pp.96-98; also 10:154-56

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