Ballard, Robertson
1892-1982; e.m. 1916

A Methodist minister and an outstanding missioner, he was born in Brighton on 11 September 1892, the son of Frank Ballard. He was educated at Kingswood School and Headingley College. He had a distinguished ministry in Central Missions at Birmingham, Walsall, Liverpool and Huddersfield, before being appointed to the London Mission. He served at Old Ford, Sydenham and Bethnal Green, where he took over a downtown cause and established a centre which effectively combined evangelical witness and social outreach. It was written of him that 'he would turn the mangle in the communal kitchen, hold a baby, run for the doctor, do anything for the poor people he loved so unselfishly.' He died in Bromley on 13 December 1982.

  • Methodist Recorder, 30 December 1982