Hambly, Cyril Grey
1931-1999; e.m. 1954

Born on 6 January 1931 in Cardiff, he studied music at the University of Wales and trained for the ministry at Hartley Victoria College. His circuit ministry was mainly in Wales and East Anglia. His B.Mus resulted from a three-year sabbatical, studying at Bangor under Alun Hoddinot. He taught RE and Music at Blackford Grammar School in Somerset before returning to circuit work. He contributed to Partners in Praise (1979) and compiled A Hymn for the Lectionary (1981), a collection of hymns and tunes for the Christian Year. He wrote HP 427, 'O lift us up, strong Son of God' and among his compositions are a musical Onesimus, a cantata Sayings from the Cross and Rock John 'n Charles (1988). He died on 4 December 1999.