Hargreaves, Peter
1833-1917; e.m. 1857

WM missionary in South Africa, born at Burnley on 11 December 1833. He spent his entire ministry in South Africa, with only two appointments in 44 years. He arrived in Clarkebury (Transkei) in 1857. By 1880 membership had increased ninefold and a number of outstations and a Training Institution had been opened. From 1882 to 1901 he was stationed at Emfundisweni in Pondoland, then an independent territory troubled by tribal warfare. He argued for its annexation by the Cape Colony to discourage random European speculators, and when it was peacefully ceded in 1894 a period of stability allowed the Church to grow. He was Chairman of the Clarkebury District from 1885 and President of the South African Conference in 1891. He died at Kokstad, South Africa, on 19 August 1917.

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