Harpenden, Herts

On 6 September 1790 Thomas Tomalin registered his single 'dwelling and bard' for Methodist worship. The first chapel, in Leyton Road, was opened in 1839 and was replaced in 1930 by High Street WM chapel, the preacher being S.P. Cadman.

Highfield Oval, at the top of Ambrose Lane, was a branch home of the NCH for 72 years, closing in 1985. From 1910 Harpenden Children's Sanatorium provided for children suffering from tuberculosis. Further developments included a home farm and, in 1913, ten large buildings each accommodating up to 30 children and staff. The site is now occupied by an international Christian organization, Youth with a Mission. The Williams School of Church Music was housed at The Bourne. Frank O. Salisbury was born in what is now the Inn on the Green, Leyton Road. His first major mansion-studio, Red Gables on West Common, now houses offices of the Rothamstead Research Institute. High Street Merthodist Church (1930) contains four of his windows, including one in memory of his parents. He is buried in St. Nicholas parish churchyard.

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