Hastings, John Patrick, MBE
1927-1998; e.m. 1948

Missionary to North India, born on 4 April 1927 at Norwich. After training at Hartley Victoria College he was appointed to the Bengal District, where his prime concern was the development of literacy materials in Santali and Bengali. He founded the Bengal Christian Literature Centre which trained writers and editors. Challenged by desperate poverty in the slums, he developed inter-faith joint action for slum improvement. Returning to England in 1971 he was called to serve in the Division of Social Responsibility as secretary for Relief, Development and Community and Race Relations (1975-1981). In 1982 he accepted an invitation to work for the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh, where he set up adult literacy schemes and the Bangladesh Inter-Religious Council for Peace and Justice. In 1991 he returned to Dakha and with colleagues founded the 'Nijera Shikhi' ('Let's Teach Ourselves'), a non-profit company that developed a people's movement to combat the literacy problem. He was awarded the MBE in 1995 and returned to England in 1997 due to illness.He wrote the tune 'Creation' for HP 347, 'Lord, bring the day to pass'. He died inIpswich on 17 February 1988.

  • Methodist Recorder, 26 March 1998