Higman, William
1830-1907; e.m. 1851

President of the BC Conference in 1890, was born on 4 November 1830 at Roche, Cornwall and went to work in the china clay pits. He is said to have heard William O'Bryan preach and was converted at the age of 10, under the preaching of James Bartlett. He responded in 1850 to a call for more itinerants, but could not afford to go to Shebbear for training. In 1877 he was appointed for three years to Torrington in order to raise funds for an extension to Shebbear College and was successful despite reservations about some of his methods. He retired to Melbury in the Northlew Circuit in 1893 and died on 18 June 1907.

  • Bible Christian Magazine, December 1907 pp.538-43

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