Hopkins, Joseph H
1848-1934; e.m. 1871

WM minister, he was born at Glascoed, Montgomeryshire on 15 April 1848 and went to Didsbury College in 1868. After a remarkable two-year ministry at the fashionable Barry Road WM Church, East Dulwich, he became the first Superintendent of the South London Mission (1889-1906). He toured the country raising funds to build London's first Central Hall in BermondseyBermondsey. After seventeen exhausting years he returned to less exacting circuit work, before retiring to New Barnet in 1915, where he died on 11 July 1934.

  • Methodist Recorder, 19 July 1934
  • J.D. Beasley, The Bitter Cry Heard and Heeded (1989)

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